The problem: American doctors and health practitioners have been unable to help their patients to control the two most critical aspects of their health- diet and exercise (lifestyle modification). That is until now!

The Doctor’s Choice Fitness Corp program:

  1. Helps to complete the circle of care by not only helping your patients modify their lifestyle, but positioning you at the head of the team without taxing your staff or office space.
  2. Gives you and your staff access to as much or as little information as you need including monthly assessments, food journals, exercise protocols, dietary programming and ideologies that are scientifically supported and administered by DCFC.
  3. Creates a new and substantial source of revenue from existing patients and also sets you apart from other market participants that don’t offer a practice as comprehensive as yours.
  4. Allows you to become the “go to” weight loss doctor in your area and to receive referrals from other doctors in your area (orthopedists, podiatrists, OB/GYN, etc) thereby strengthening your practice and ensures a steady stream of new patients.
  5. Allows you to explore offerings through your practice that directly affect weight loss and are covered by many health insurance providers or allows you to develop a cash only weight loss supervision fee.

Some of the highlights of our program:

  1. A true plug and play model where you the doctor is able to prescribe you own customizable weight loss, dietary and fitness program that Doctor’s Choice Fitness Corp administers.
  2. DCFC handles all administration of the program including meeting with the patient, helping to create a comprehensive plan that works for the patient (time, budget, special needs or challenges), collecting of payments that all go through your practice, interact with and between patient and doctor, PA, nurses, etc. to make sure all parties are aware of the plan and that the patient gets the best results possible.
  3. Through the Doctor’s Choice Fitness Corp software platform, the doctor and his or her staff are able to access the patient’s assessments (measurements, body composition, postural assessment, flexibility and balance) dietary plan, food journal, calorie and macro nutrient consumption, exercise program, workouts completed, etc.
  4. We offer price points from $24.99 a month (Virtual Training and Nutrition) and go up from there based on budget and need.
  5. Our initial 90 day weight loss exercise program and our 18 month Pre/Post Natal program were designed by Dr. Todd Schroeder, Director or the Bio-Kinesiology lab at USC.- His bio can be found on our website under “Advisory Board”
  6. Our dietary protocol is a hypo-caloric moderate program written by Dr. Farid Zarif- His bio can be found on our website under “Advisory Board.”
  7. Our software package contains food journaling capabilities as well as houses our entire workout program plus a workout generator that will create an individual workout or a workout plan based on desired goals, equipment available and information about any body parts that need to be avoided.
  8. Doctor’s Choice Fitness Corp has a marketing department that will create a newsletter for your approval and then handle sending it to patients on a monthly or bi weekly basis.  It will be loaded with weight loss and exercise tips, cooking tips, recipes, success stories, etc.
  9. Through our healthcare attorney we have created a model where we “wholesale” our services to your practice and then they are “retailed” through your practice.  This model can become a very significant profit center for the practice and provide a true circle of care for the patients.

Please take a look at our website.

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"Doctor's Choice Fitness was created to help complete the circle of care for patients and their doctors. We have created a comprehensive and cohesive model where all of the patient's health, wellness and fitness professionals are communicating and aligned in focus and message."

Douglas A.Waldman, President and CEODoctor's Choice Fitness

"I have been impressed with the model since rolling it out in my practice. It has helped many of my patients see dramatic weight loss, increases in fitness, more awareness of the foods that they are eating and an overall increase in quality of life. The DCFC team is responsive and engaged and truly care about my practice and my patients. They handle my monthly health promotion marketing that has increased my office visits and enrollments in our weight loss program. The increase in revenue doesn’t hurt either!"

Dr. Jonathan Rosaasen