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Doctor's Choice Fitness helps to close or complete the circle of care for your patients!

Doctor's Choice Fitness understands how frustrating it is for you to instruct a patient to lose weight and get in shape so they avoid a host of ailments or impending ailments only to have the patient return the next year bigger and sicker than the year before. You didn't have a viable solution to this challenge until now!

Doctor's Choice Fitness is an "In Home" fitness, weight loss and nutrition business that was designed specifically to address three challenges.

  1. The first is that 80% of American's will not step foot in a gym.
  2. The second is that many busy doctors don't have the time or inclination to become fitness, weight loss or nutritional experts.
  3. The third is that there is a gap in the circle of care even in practices that offer nutritional counseling as there is typically no communication between the Doctor, nutritionist and fitness professional.

By sending our highly skilled Certified Personal Trainers, Yoga and Pilates Instructors, Dietitians or Nutritionists to the patient's home we are able to guarantee that sessions are completed and it also allows our professionals to actually see what is going on in the home with regards to foods being purchased and consumed. The patient loses the ability to present a public image that isn't reflected at home.

Introducing our "Plug and Play" program directly into your practice allows you to quickly become the lead in the weight loss, fitness and process. You simply prescribe one of our proprietary diet and or fitness programs based on goals and ailments (weight loss, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc.) Our professionals handle the rest.

If you already provide nutritional counseling to your patients, our fitness professionals will "backstop" your nutritionist's message. We will communicate with your nutritionist and discuss their plan for the patient and then constantly monitor and reinforce that message. Since trainers will typically see a client 2-3 times per week as opposed to the nutritionist seeing the patient once or twice per month who better to drive a ideology home? Our trainers are actually in the client's home and get a view of what is really happening from a food standpoint (we get to see what is in the pantry and refrigerator) whereas your nutritionist often has to rely on reporting from the patient. If we are providing the nutritionist, then the trainer will be aware of our weight loss protocol and will work to reinforce that message. Most importantly, as the medical professional, you are kept in the loop through the process and are furnished with reports of progress (body composition, measurements, weight, etc.) every six weeks. We will also send the patient to you on a regular basis for blood panels, bone density tests, food sensitivity tests and body composition tests as needed and depending on which of these services you offer.

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"Doctor's Choice Fitness was created to help complete the circle of care for patients and their doctors. We have created a comprehensive and cohesive model where all of the patient's health, wellness and fitness professionals are communicating and aligned in focus and message."

Douglas A.Waldman, President and CEODoctor's Choice Fitness

"I have been impressed with the model since rolling it out in my practice. It has helped many of my patients see dramatic weight loss, increases in fitness, more awareness of the foods that they are eating and an overall increase in quality of life. The DCFC team is responsive and engaged and truly care about my practice and my patients. They handle my monthly health promotion marketing that has increased my office visits and enrollments in our weight loss program. The increase in revenue doesn’t hurt either!"

Dr. Jonathan Rosaasen