Senior: Functional Living

Where You Are In Life Now


You have probably made it to retirement or have at least started to slow down and work less. You have grand kids to see and vacations to take. You want to go see the world and do those things that you had put off while you were working and raising your family. You have worked hard and prepared for this stage of your life and now you want to make sure that you have the vitality and stamina to enjoy it.

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Changes That You Are Starting to Notice

You may be on a whole medicine regimen for the various ailments that you have collected over your life. You take pills for this and pills for that. Weight is probably an issue, joints hurt the minute you get out of bed and you seem to run out of steam pretty quickly. Hip and knee replacement may have happened; high blood pressure and cholesterol lowering drugs are a way of life. This doesn’t have to be you. Contact us to see what we can do to help you regain control of your life.

What Doctor’s Choice Can Do To Help

Many of the ailments that seniors suffer from are tied directly to lifestyle and diet. The proof is in: exercise is one of the most, if not the most, important things you can do as a senior. In studies it has been linked to fighting off dementia and Alzheimer’s, strengthens bones, ligaments and tendons, reduces high blood pressure, fight depression, fights osteoporosis, help to lower cholesterol. The list goes on and on. With a good exercise and wellness program it is possible to actually turn back your “functional” clock and live and feel like a person that is 10-20 years younger than your chronological age. Our comprehensive program can help to increase flexibility and range of motion making it easier to do those everyday activities that seem to have become a challenge.

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Fitness in Senior Living Facilities

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We know that as we age, we generally get more frail and experience a myriad of conditions and ailments that are related to getting older. As we age we lose muscle mass at about 3-5% per decade, which means our standard of daily living dramatically decreases. With this frailty, the risk of fall increases as well. Falls account for 70 percent of accidental deaths within people 75 years and older. The elderly, who represent 12 percent of the population, account for 75 percent of deaths from falls. There are also 35 other major ailments that are linked to lack of exercise. How do we protect our aging population and improve their quality of life in senior living facilities?

The answer is simple: a regular exercise regimen. Starting a regular exercise regimen as part of regular elder care can lower fall risk by 21%, and exercising more than 3 hours per week can lower fall risk by up to 39%. Regular exercise can greatly improve cardiovascular health, range of motion, balance, decrease fall risk, and improve strength. This can help the senior population within living facilities improve their quality of life and increase their lifespan.

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Our program is specially designed for seniors and working with elder care professionals to help build a seniors strength, improve their balance, and maintain healthy function of their body. Our staff is specialized with working to improve postural imbalances, range of motion of joints, and improve cardiovascular health.

We work with the elder care staff, nurses, and doctors to assure their health and wellness. We take into account medications, ailments, and current conditions to build a plan of action to improve their quality of life and health. We help seniors take their lives back again!

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Supervised Walking

Our supervised walking program is great for seniors who need some exercise, need to get out of the house, and need some extra social interaction. It is a cheap way to increase weekly exercise and improve health! Studies are showing that social interaction and exercise are the largest factors to longevity and wellness in an aging population. Our walkers are all CPR/AED certified and First Aid certified so you know that you will be in good hands!

Fall Prevention Courses

Did you know that falls account for over 55% of accidental deaths for those over the age of 65 according to the CDC. That rate of accidental death due to fall jumps up to 85% after the age of 85! Are you doing everything you can to take care of your health and preventing a life ending injury due to a fall?

Our Fall Prevention Program is specifically designed to help our senior population lower the risk of falls and prevent the loss of autonomy that often comes with age related weakness.

Our program starts with a walkthrough of the home using CDC guidelines. We add suggestions to mitigate falls in the home due to living conditions. After that we perform an assessment to help give us an idea of physical capabilities and well being. Our assessment is then used to place you into one of three categories.

For those in the beginner category we focus on exercises that increase general strength. These exercises will help improve ones ability to stand, walk, and get out of a chair. In the intermediate and advanced categories we continue to increase strength training but also begin to incorporate weight bearing (shifting one’s body weight), and more balance focused exercises.

Our Fall Prevention Program was written by our on staff Physical Therapist and designed to ensure proper movements to prevent injury, increase natural range of motion for joints, and provide natural movement of the body to increase strength. Reach out to us here to get started!