What Clients Say

Mary BI contacted the company when I had fallen down on my health and fitness goals. I started training in March of 2012 and have seen substantial progress in reaching my goals-to get in better overall shape and to lose weight. I started at 171 lbs and I am now 115 lbs. I know I can rely on Doctors Choice Fitness to keep encouraging me to stay on track to reach my goals! Mary Beth, Thousand Oaks

Mary B.Age - 54

Rebecca & Greg SI consider it a blessing that we found Doctor’s Choice Fitness. The personal level of service surpasses all other trainers I have worked with in the past. Being able to train in my own personal space means success is possible, because the truth is we will never go to the gym as regularly or push or selves as hard as they do. They have great advice with journaling food which helps with the intense accountability that is required. I have achieved my goals steadily and I feel confident in them to get me to my next set of goals. Now the true miracle is with my husband. He had never worked out regularly or paid such attention to his caloric intake. This mindfulness that his trainer with Doctor’s Choice inspired, helped him reach a level of fitness, that is quite noticeable. Others notice him and this raises his confidence. He was fearful that he had resigned to being overweight; Doctor’s Choice gave him a path for achieving his fitness goals. Now he is seeing his.

Rebecca & Greg S. -

Scott ZNew Years Day 2012 I made the decision to get myself in shape. I had let myself go, eating what I wanted whenever I wanted and packing on 30+ pounds over the years. I decided that if I was going to do this, that I needed some professional help and chose the staff at Doctor’s Choice Fitness to help me out. Boy did they!! In eight short weeks I had dropped twenty-six pounds. I can’t believe that I went from a size 36 pant to a size 32. Incredible! The only bad news… I had to buy all new pants. I look and feel 10 years younger and can’t thank Doug and Michelle enough. Scott Z, Woodland Hills

Scott Z.Age - 52

Barbara JohnsonIt has been an amazing journey with the 805 Get Fit Team. My trainer, Drew R, and Lacey P, dietician. are the best and have helped me lose over 60 + lbs. They both continue to stress the change in habits and former lifestyle are essential in order to reach my goals. I would not be able to accomplish my goals without this dedicated team. Doug and Michelle Waldman I would like to thank you sooo much. I could not have done this without your company and I love the mobile personal training team. Barbara M Johnson

Barbara JAge - 69

Marilyn L.During the first session I was impressed that Michelle took the time to identify my strengths determine weaknesses and know my fitness goals. She focused training on building core strength, preventing injuries and promoting total fitness. Her style is upbeat and positive, encouraging while challenging and always varying the routines to keep interest high and different muscle groups engaged.

I appreciate Michelle’s preparation for each session and her use of different modalities, equipment and sequences. She models and demonstrates the correct execution and coaches throughout to support proper form, breathing and execution. Her attention to detail has enabled me to do more on my own without getting injured or experiencing pain.

Training sessions are fun, interesting and very satisfying. I feel that after almost one year, I am stronger, have better core body strength, agility, balance and endurance. These were all goals set at the first session and continue today.

I appreciate Michelle’s positive approach, encouragement to continue and reinforcement of consistency over time. All this has kept me coming back for more and I am grateful. I am glad I made the decision to return to training but especially glad I found Michelle as the trainer. She has been the key to my success. Marilyn L, Calabasas

Marilyn L.Age - 71

Disclaimer: The testimonials below are from actual clients who have worked with our Certified Personal Trainers. Results will vary depending on many things including: adherence to our program, medical conditions, age, genetics, gender, diet, level of activity, etc. Always seek medical approval before embarking on a physical fitness program.